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"Tiller’s Steam Carpet Cleaning turned up as the consistent gem in my search for the best carpet cleaners in Minneapolis, MN.”

Diana Herzan, Examiner.com

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When searching for the best carpet cleaning companies (from over 250 plus in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN area), it is easy to stumble upon service companies representing many levels of quality. Consequently, many customers have historically been wary of who they hire for their carpet cleaning. How do you find the best carpet cleaners and how can you be assured you’re making a smart choice? There are definitive ways you can narrow down the safest and smartest choices. Below I have laid out the steps I have taken and a resulting stand-out company that has surfaced as a consistent gem.

Tiller’s Steam Carpet Cleaning turned up as the consistent gem in my search for the best carpet cleaners in Minneapolis, MN. The company turned up with a pattern of excellent and positive ratings and reviews throughout a number of different Review sites and services. Their Reviews are current and represent a span of time, as well, reinforcing a consistency in performing with quality. The forty plus year old company makes a claim on their website that “the reason customers choose Tillers is because they trust us.” After combing through dozens of their Reviews, their customers confirm that statement through many individual customer experience stories. You can see more details on Tiller’s Steam Carpet Cleaning’s Review information below. You can contact Tiller’s Steam Carpet Cleaning at 952-935-8900.

An obvious first tactic to find a good carpet cleaning company would be to inquire amongst your friends and family. In our world today, 90% of us will still check out a referral we receive, even if it’s from a good and trusted source, primarily because we can.

Which brings me to the second step. Google it. Ask Google or Siri, Bing, Yahoo, or whichever is your search engine of choice who the best carpet cleaners are in your area? Go to Review sites, such as Yelp, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, and look hard for Reviews. Check on the Better Business Bureau website, as well, for the same information. You can filter right down to “Carpet Cleaners” in each of these sites, making your search a bit easier. Then, take time to sift through the information you are delivered to decipher further which companies make the most sense for you. We are fortunate today to have access to some of the best “word of mouth” referrals from many Ratings and Reviews online. Utilize them to your advantage. They can be a big help.

Here’s how to dig deep through Reviews and what to look for to unearth the best of the best carpet cleaners in the Minneapolis, MN metro.

  1. Look for Reviews in multiple places and make sure the Reviews are all different. This will give you a broader picture of the company’s performance.
  2. Put the strongest weight on Reviews that represent a current time frame, present day and back even a year is okay as long as there are Reviews that represent that time frame adequately
  3. Read customer comments, as well as checking the ratings. You may discover someone with a similar challenge as you may have and can discover how the company took care of them. Maybe pet stains or pet odors, for example. Tillers have been rated high in both of these categories with their customers.

The third step is important and should not be overlooked. Look for companies that have a satisfaction policy. “Satisfaction guaranteed” is always a nice statement. When you contact the firm, ask them what this means. Not all stains are created equal. Not all guarantees are either. Tillers makes a point to call each customer a day or so after they have cleaned their carpets to make sure they are satisfied. They take their “satisfaction guaranteed” policy seriously which starts with this phone call.

The fourth and last step is easy and can be done in conjunction with the others. Look for indicators of experience, longevity, and expertise. Tiller’s Steam Carpet Cleaning, for example, has been in business for 40 years. Their website shares problem solving tips with consumers in attempts to provide insight for carpet care and maintenance, as well as to assist with DIY cleaning methods when bad spills happen. Their goal is to help you help yourself with good and safe information. If you still need their expertise, you’ll know you can count on them for it.

Here is another tip to help ensure you receive top notch service. When you contact your carpet cleaning company of choice, tell them up front that one of the reasons you chose them was from what you read about them in their Reviews. That statement reinforces with them that you are aware of their quality and that, without you having to say so directly, you expect to receive it, as well. Everyone starts out with their best foot forward.

More on Tiller’s Steam Carpet Cleaning .… this company came up as a stand-out choice for best carpet cleaning company in the Twin Cities metro. Below is a short recap of the Review Information I was able to pull from about Tiller's Steam Carpet Cleaning. Wish to contact Tiller's? Wish to schedule carpet cleaning? Call Tiller's Steam Carpet Cleaning at 952-935-8900.

This is a great time of year to be enlisting the help of a reputable carpet cleaning company. I hope this information has been helpful in laying out the steps, as well as my results, in finding a gem while searching for the best carpet cleaning companies in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN metro area.

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